The Palace Theater


Welcome to the Palace Theater. Chattanooga's only independent theater!



MAY 17th - 8pm-10pm (Doors at 8, Show at 9)- 21+

Chattanooga's very own late night talk show debuts at the Palace Theater March 15 with your host Donnie Marsh! 

Tickets Here: 5 BUCKS

(A Bazar Production)

Flashlight shows - Floami Fly-Kemo-Diva.jpg

Floami Fly // Kemo // Different Diva

May 18th - Doors at 8, Show at 9, 18 Plus

Three local hip hop artists that are gonna blow your collective minds. We've had the privilege of seeing all three in various venues across the city and are super pumped to be able to bring them together for one magical af night. Come out and fangirl hard with us.

Floami Fly: Asylum
Different Diva MUSIC

Tickets Here: 10 Bucks


Once a Month March Image.jpg


May 26th - Doors at 8pm show at 9. 21 Plus

After 3 sold out shows, Once a Month returns with a vengeance for its fourth production! Showcasing a handful of the most talented female comedians from across the southeast, your hosts Grace Holtz and Natasha Ferrier bring you these four ruthlessly hilarious women:

Cherith Fuller (Atlanta, GA)
Hannah Hogan (Nashville, TN)
Blayr Nias (Charlotte, NC)
Chelsea Shorte (Washington, D.C.)

Follow Once a Month on Instagram @onceamonthcomedy and Twitter @oncecomedy to learn more about these comics and the show!

Tickets Here: 10 BUCKS



JUNE 15th - 8pm Doors, Show at 9 - All Ages

She Returns From War craft dreamy "Cosmic Americana" perfect for a sweaty summer night. Come drink a cold one and bliss out. (

Our featured nonprofit for this show is Chattanooga Girls Rock, so CGR Stars (a CGR staff band) are gonna open it up.

More treats n surprises to come.


Tickets Here: 10 BUCKS



Cut Throat Comedy

June 8th - 8pm  (7pm Doors, Show at 8) - 21 PLUS

Standup comedy is not a team sport. That’s why at
Cut-Throat Comedy, hosts Ben Dalby and Ryan Darling force three teams of two comedians to work together. Teams will compete in games that resemble classic game shows you love, with just enough difference to keep the producers from getting sued. Each round one team is eliminated. The winning team has the opportunity to share the spotlight together or betray their teammate and have the mic all to themselves. All of this teamwork and betrayal  combined make for a night of great games and hard earned performances by some of the best comedians in the area.

Cut-Throat Comedy is produced by Ryan Darling and Ben Dalby and runs monthly at the Palace Theater in Chattanooga, TN.

(A Bazar Production)